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Hello blog world.

A few things to share today if i can make if fully through this post without stopping. so far not looking so well. and i wonder why im typing all this out if i get lazy enough not to post it.. no one will ever read it. I make myself laugh sometimes.

First thing on the agenda. New tattoo. Been about 3 years now. I think i’m over due. have quite a few idea’s. two for sure jump into my head.  First is i want to get my favorite quote done. But a shorten down version of it. And i wanted to get it in English, but the idea of having writing on me in a foreign language makes my insidey parts warm and tingly . so I’ll just keep doing that instead. the next is i found these two simple little birds. nothing fancy. just little black birds. and desided i HAVE to have it. So. Easy – 2 ideas. Next part. Where to put them!?!?!

I have ideas. im THINKING the birds, on the back of my arm, above my elbow – for something different. and the writing on the other side of my ribs. That should even me out then maybe my mild case of OCD will finally calm down and i can go back to living every day life. maybe. haha

Now in order to motivate myself to get a new tattoo i want to get back on the weight loss track. so far also a fail. Ever since i came back from the lovely cuba i cant be bothered doing ANYTHING besides sitting on the computer and picking my nose (ha.. see what i did there!?) so i need some motivation.. and someone to keep me away from chocolate.

Then i go through this

Brain: sarah you’ll never get ahead in life if your a blob stuck in a computer chair!

Me: Fuck you brain, you dont know what your talking about. more of me to love mother fucker

Brain: okay okay.. just put down the bag of candy and we’ll talk about this like adults


And thats when i realize im arguing with myself. And the fact i know my brain is right, because its my brain – and im just making myself look stupid. what makes me look more stupid is im fighting every urge in my body to not go to Walmart to get these little berries cover in chocolate that i would eat untill i vomit i love them so much.

Maybe i’ll get up and do something now.




~ by neonoirr on April 2, 2013.

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