Facebook – Go fuck yourself

Hello blog world.

I’ve popped on today to share my disgust with Facebook. Why? Fuck you Facebook. that’s why.

I’ve recently been reviewing their terms and policy because of issues with “he who shall not be named” [or in future HWSNBN] and this is what i find funny.. and not funny ha ha.

With the REPEATED problems i’ve had with HWSNBN, the blocking, the reporting, the angry emails… i’m the one who gets the shitty end of the stick. Facebook does state that safety is important to them. bahahaha. bull poop.. smelly.. smelly bull poop. I have blocked the same user twenty eight times. Not once, not twice.. but TWENTY EIGHT TIMES. To avoid abuse to me, not to mention everyone else i know.

So Facebook is okay with someone making multiple profiles and distributing nude pictures, sending harassing messages, yet punishes me for protecting myself?

I created a profile under a different name to keep in contact with who I wanted, and to avoid being harassed multiple times a day. At this point in time HWSNBN has reported that account so many times i’m now locked out from doing pretty much anything. and this is AFTER i proved to them i’m a real person, beefed up my security, like they asked.. blah blah  blah.

I think that’s the end of my rant for the moment

Moral of the story. fuck you Facebook. and all your dirty lies.


~ by neonoirr on March 2, 2013.

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