Close to home.

Hello blog world.

I was gonna blog the crap outta you all last night, my mind seemed to be over stimulated but nothing came out. Due to recent events, i’m a little annoyed, a little cranky.. and i swear it has nothing to do with my cranky ovaries this time.

I wanted to share a Post Secret Postcard that was posted on quite a while ago, but it kinda hit close to home.

One thing that irks me MORE then anything is people using mental disorders that they dont have, to excuse themselves from being complete and utter dicks, stating that they dont think before they act or “its not their fault” or whatever the case may be.

Again.. not really wanting to go on a super cranky ass rant. just really wanted to share this picture and my feelings in very mini behind it.



~ by neonoirr on March 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Close to home.”

  1. I agree completely; I’m bi-polar. Not to the extent where I black out and have horrible rage issues, but a more.. sedated, “when she gets in her head it always goes BAD” type thing, and I know you’ve been on the receiving end of my bbm’s and voicenotes when I’ve been too deep in my own head and just can’t stop. Bless your frigin heart and patience for that!!

    Never once, have I actively blamed my mental state, and/or anxiety disorders on my words, or actions.

    I agree with you, and am so happy that you’ve posted this. It rings tragically true.

    • And it wasnt a stab or anything towards legit things, so i hope you didnt take it that way!

      • No, not at all!!
        It is so refreshing to see someone else that doesn’t put with the BS about it, lol. Especially when I do have a condition that I don’t take advantage of, nor do I let it define me.

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