Growing up, and why it sucks

Hello blog world.

With my vacation slowly creeping up on me with only days left, the excitement has some how left me.

Now it may be my cranky ovaries talking, it might be the “im getting older” but recent events in life are kicking my ass.. and making me want to grab life by the balls and make it my bitch.

Time to get a plan in action!

First plan : Job – seems easy right? WRONG. Living where i am leave little to the imagination. Its come down to 2 things. Call center or fast food. Please stab me in the eye. But even some of the “nicer” fast food places require things i dont have. For example: T.A.N. Coffee – seems easy, its coffee. Close to home.. sweet. WRONG Food Safe Certificate” is required.So i cant serve people coffee but im technically a first responder… so i can save your life, but fuck you coffee house. WTF? ITS COFFEE! Fine. I’m to good for them anyways. But even KFC wont take me.. am i lower then KFC?

Second plan: Back to schooooooool. Thats a check for the moment. My seat is saved after a costly 200.00 deposit. And thats just the start of it. And i need the first plan to work with me on the second plan so it goes smoothly. Sure, student loans will save my ass BUT not forever. what about if Second plan fails? then the horrors of First plan come back around!

Third plan: Assuming First plan and Second plan go as smooth as a babies behind… next will be the dreaded hunt for society to take me in all my glory into a proper working area in what is soon to be my field of awesomeness AND allow me to locate a new place to call home, Like a big girl.

Lets just say at 23 i planned to have a billion dollars, and a room full of puppies. not be living in mama’s basement – waiting for time to pass… again

(or we can scrap all these plans and i’ll bag me a rich one..with puppies!)





~ by neonoirr on February 28, 2013.

One Response to “Growing up, and why it sucks”

  1. I certainly understand where you’re coming from; I have the same plans, lol.

    Even though we’re relatively far away from one another, we should totally start working out together. If I get the gym membership for CHP, I’ll have to be bbm-ing you the whole time while on the treadmill and such haha.
    It’s gonna happen, you know it.

    As for the rich man, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR OWN PLANS FOR STRIKING IT RICH, EH?? And then M and I can come live with you and have cuddle time LOL. *is selfish*

    Anyway, as always, you made me giggle in this, because I can always see your face and hear your voice, so YAY.

    Glad to see that you’re still exciting, even with cranky ovaries. ❤

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