Dieting:… we’ll start tomorrow!

Hello world of blog!

I’ve been turning into a blogging monster. I just came back from town, and through my drive there, my stop for a tea, all my shopping AND my drive back, i’ve been thinking of different things to write about. Some may not be as amusing, or sound more amusing in my head, but we’ll just take it and run with it.

My main point at the moment is dieting. I am an off again on again dieter. Like most of us in my generation, we’re desided that TV and video games are more awesome then the scary outside world – where there are bugs.. lots of bugs.  and creepy old people that talk to you about 2 for 1 chocolate bars at the dollar store. [true story]

Things ive tried to lose my muffin top include “My Three WTF’s”: the wtf im a teenager theory: Diet pills – but i cannot swallow pills and my horrid gag reflex LAUGHS at me. The: wtf is wrong with you theory: Starving myself – not much of a diet nor did it last long because reality is i love food WAYYY to much. and at last the: wtf why didn’t i try this earlier aka : The smart option [lifestyle change and exercise]

Will talk about the smart option and how life isnt fair:

So, as a complete and utter impulse i half invited myself half was offered to go on my first REAL vacation. Excitement? FUCK YES! After the ‘OMG IM GOING SOMEWHERE OUT SIDE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY”  excitement left me.. all i could think is.. oh shit. i kinda look like i’m having a baby.

Because im not all around fat.. im only fat where it wants to hang out and not in fun places.. [like my bum.. who doesnt want a ghetto booty? i would] insted it hangs onto the belly.. the upper arm.. and the thigh.. now apparently having “thick thighs” is a good thing.. but.. not when the rest of you leg isnt.. i think. iunno.. self image is a topic for another day!

Now reality check – i’ve spend the last 2 yr’s sitting on my touchie… eating chips..with glorious dip.. and pizza… and drinking beer.. and regular pepsi.. and sugary coffee.. and.. cheese burgers… and…  que the drool – with NO activity besides walking to the car.

Anywho! mama and i desided we would rock the meal replacement stuff together as a kick start! Because portion sizes are so important. After a pricy trip to walmart, we had Slimfast shakes for breakfast, slimfast bars for lunch, and a decent dinner. Sweet – food covered now for work out.

So i go for ATLEAST a 2 K walk every day with mr. danny bumpkins AND a workout DVD which is atleast another 2 K with “All body motion” so eveyrthings getting a work out. perfect.I died for the first bit. My theory with Slimfast shakes: when your body is NOT use to that much milk first thing in the morning.. all they do is make you feel so sick you have to poop maybe that what makes you skinny.

Well.. a month later of holding back every urge i have to dive into a bucket of gravy. im down 12 LBS. mama’s down.. who knows what.. much more then i, PLUS she can get into new pants.. and me? well poor ol me is still stuggling to put on mine.

 Which makes no sense, considering i LOOK like i’ve lost. and ive been active, drinking water! pretty much everything they tell you to do. so.. i fell off the bandwagon a tad and chocolate was there to tell me everything was gonna be okay.

Now with 10 days left before i’m in bikini wearing land… i’ve dumped chocolate.. kinda. and feeling motivated to start my at home work out..


le sigh





~ by neonoirr on February 25, 2013.

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